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Health Services and Advancing Education Charity specialised in Parental Alienation and related mental health disorders


IMPORTANT - We do not provide legal, psychological or other professional advice and nothing on this site should be viewed as such advice; we encourage you to speak with appropriate, well-qualified professionals. However, we hope that the work that we are doing and the information provided here, based on the personal experiences of many and on hundreds of hours reviewing academic manuscripts and legal cases, will be of some help to you and, above all, to kids in Australia and throughout the world.


17-19 Oct 2018 ~ Parental Alienation Conference 2018

12 Oct 2018 ~ 3rd Parental Alienation Awareness Day #PAADay

12 Oct 2017 ~ 2nd Parental Alienation Awareness Day #PAADay

26 Apr 2017 ~ Support International Parental Alienation Awareness Day 25th Apr

12 Oct 2016 ~ 1st Parental Alienation Awareness Day #PAADay

20 Sep 2016 ~ The foundation was approved by the ACNC as a Health Services and Advancing Education Charity in Parental Alienation

25 Apr 2016 ~ International Parental Alienation Day

14 Dec 2014 ~ Launch of Parental Alienation Australia Facebook Page

23 Jun 2014 ~ Amanda Sillars the Founder created private Facebook group to bring targeted parents together for support

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Making critical information readily accessible to a wider audience and working towards:

  • Greater professional understanding, training & accountability
  • Widespread public awareness & understanding
  • Nationwide support for those affected
  • Alternatives to the Family Court that protect children’s rights & needs
  • Greater international collaboration​

If a child appears to hate, reject or refuse to see a loving parent, s/he may be a victim of separation-related Psychological Abuse, or “Parental Alienation”. The signs can be very surprising, but they’re distinct and readily diagnosed by a properly trained specialist.

        “No child hates a loving parent
                   … unless taught to”