We do not provide legal, psychological or other professional advice and nothing on this site should be viewed as such advice; we encourage you to speak with appropriate, well-qualified professionals. However, we hope that the work that we are doing and the information provided here, based on the personal experiences of many and on hundreds of hours reviewing academic manuscripts and legal cases, will be of some help to you and, above all, to kids throughout the world.

The Objects of our Company:

(a) The objects for which the Company is established are to:

(i) reduce the prevalence and impact of parental alienation and related mental health disorders in the Australian community; and

(ii) increase the capacity of the Australian community, including governments, service providers, business and community sectors, working together, to deal with parental alienation and related mental health disorders.

These objects may be achieved through activities and advocacy which:

(iii) develop promotion and prevention strategies to increase community awareness and understanding of parental alienation and related mental health disorders and reduce associated stigma and discrimination;

(iv) raise public awareness and understanding of the nature and extent of parental alienation and it’s impact on mental health;

(v) provide information and resources about parental alienation and related mental health disorders to parents, children and mental health workers, as well as other services that may provide such support;

(vi) commission and support research to enhance knowledge of the causes and consequences of parental alienation, trial new and innovative prevention, early detection, treatment and management activities for parental alienation and related disorders and disseminate information about best practice models of care;

(vii) promote partnerships across health and other sectors to enhance responsiveness and support to all Australians who may experience or be at risk of experiencing Parental Alienation.

(b) The Company will only apply the income and property of the Company in promoting the objects of the Company.