GACETA DEL GOBIERNO Article 323 Septimus [Spanish]

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Article 323 Septimus [Spanish]
Family violence commits the member of the family who transformed the consciousness of a child in order to prevent, hinder or destroy their links with one parent.
The conduct described in the previous paragraph, is called parental alienation when performed by a parent, who, credited such conduct, will be suspended in the exercise of parental rights of the child and, consequently, the visitation and coexistence that, where appropriate, be decreed. Also, in case the alienating parent has the custody of the child, this will go immediately to the other parent, if it is a case of mild or moderate alienation.
In the event that the lowest present a degree of severe parental alienation, in any case, remain under Care alienating parent or family thereof, all contact with the alienating parent is suspended and the lower undergoing treatment indicating the specialist diagnosed the disorder.
To ensure the welfare of the child, and if, because of age, it is impossible to live with the other parent, the psychology department of the High Court of Justice of the Federal District, assessing the closest relatives child, determine which person will be responsible for their care; while receiving the respective treatment do possible coexistence with non-alienating parent.
Treatment for the alienated child will be conducted in the Department of Parental Alienation Medical Service
Coroner Superior Court of the Federal District.
TRANSIENT FIRST, Take turns this Decree the Head of Government for purposes of its promulgation and publication.
SECOND This Decree shall enter into force on the day following its publication in the Official Gaceta of Distrito Federal.

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