“With great power comes great responsibility”

Most professionals who encounter children suffering from separation-related Psychological Abuse (parental alienation) do not understand it and do not know the correct way to deal with it. Despite this, many are willing to make statements, even in a court of law, that are pivotal to the future of those children. This includes a wide range of professions: psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, counsellors, school teachers, even priests.

Intervention by professionals unqualified in this very specific, and largely unrecognised, area of expertise is likely to be counter-productive and even to contribute further to the abuse. As such, it will often be in contravention of a duty of care or of professional codes of conduct.

We aim to prevent this by helping to create a much greater and widespread professional understanding of this distinct form of child abuse. This site provides easy access to many of the key academic peer-reviewed papers, books and other resources with which professionals in this field should be familiar. [link to INFO/RESOURCES: psychiatrists etc.]

In addition, we are liaising with relevant professional bodies to ensure that their staff and representatives are more fully aware of this form of child abuse and that they have measures in place to address it appropriately.

We are calling for appropriate regulation, training and accountability at private sector and government agencies (including the Department of Child Protection, Relationships Australia, and other agencies involved in the provision of supervised care for parents) that can play a pivotal role in determining whether or not children get to spend time with parents either directly or through making reports to courts or other government officials who make these decisions.