The Eeny Meeny Miney Mo Foundation is a member of the international Parental Alienation Study Group.

​Parental Alienation Study Group, Inc. (PASG), is an international, not-for-profit corporation. PASG has about 170 members – mostly mental health and legal professionals – from 32 countries. The members of PASG are interested in educating the general public, mental health clinicians, forensic practitioners, attorneys, and judges regarding parental alienation. PASG members are also interested in developing and promoting research on the causes, evaluation, and treatment of parental alienation.

​National and International Organisations

Parental Alienation Study Group (PASG)

International Support Network for Alienated Families (ISNAF) Facebook


European Union Parental Alienation Study Group (EUPASG)

Southern England Psychological Services - Dr. L.F. Lowenstein on Parental Alienation

Stand Alone UK


Stand Up for Gus - The voice of the child

Parental Alienation Awareness Organisation (PAAO)
Parental Alienation Support

Alienated Grandparent Anonymous Incorporated Florida


Parental Alienation Awareness Organisation

Canadian Children's Rights Council

Bubbles of Love Day




“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”  African Proverb

There are many organisations, and many web and social media sites, devoted to aims similar to ours. We are seeking to make connections, share resources, and speak with a united voice for the sake of future generations of children.

Any organisations, or individuals, actively involved in this task are encouraged to make contact with us.