Parental Alienation: The Handbook for Mental Health and Legal Professionals (Behavioral Science and Law)

by Demosthenes Lorandos (Author, Editor), William Bernet  (Editor), S. Richard Sauber (Editor)

Parental Alienation: The Handbook for Mental Health and Legal Professionals is the essential how to manual in this important and ever increasing area of behavioral science and law. Busy mental health professionals need a reference guide to aid them in developing data sources to support their positions in reports and testimony. They also need to know where to go to find the latest material on a topic. Having this material within arm s reach will avoid lengthy and time-consuming online research. For legal professionals who must ground their arguments in well thought out motions and repeated citations to case precedent, ready access to state or province specific legal citations spanning thirty-five years of parental alienation cases is provided here for the first time in one place. 

Includes: Supplemental Reference Guide on CD-ROM

Carefully vetted reference material in the behavioral sciences and in law has been included on a separate CD-ROM found at the back of the book. This is very important material, and the authors have spent over two years gathering these sources, researching over two thousand U.S. and Canadian cases citing to parental alienation and have chosen more than five hundred cases in which an expert testified about parental alienation, the judge found parental alienation or both. Each of these cases has been described in a very brief memo drawn directly from the case and in a carefully checked exact legal citation. The book is also interspersed with vignettes of actual cases to offer practical significance through-out many chapters and to complement the presentation. It is the basic text for mental health and legal professionals, and the how to aspect of the Handbook will be invaluable to the lay reader as well.

Parental Alienation Syndrome Research

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Dr Richard Sauber

S. Richard Sauber, Ph.D. has been in practice for 30 years as a forensic family and clinical psychologist who specializes in the evaluation, consultation, and treatment of complex litigious family law cases.

He is Board Certified in Family and Clinical Psychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology and licensed by the Ordre des Psychologues du Quebec. Trained at Harvard University in this area of expertise, he has been court-appointed or retained as an expert conducting forensic evaluations in his national practice.

Formerly, Dr. Sauber was Professor of Family and Clinical Psychology in the Departments of Psychiatry at the Medical Schools at Columbia, Brown and the University of Pennsylvania. At the latter two Medical Schools, he was Director of their Post-doctoral Training Program in Family Psychology/Family Therapy/Family Forensic Psychology. He has been on the Founding Board of Directors of the Academy of Family Mediators and National Academy of Professional Custody Evaluators.

He also serves on the Advisory Board of the Children’s Rights Council in Washington, D.C. Since 1976, Dr. Sauber has been the Editor-in-Chief of The American Journal of Family Therapy.

His most recent book with Richard Gardner, M.D. and Demosthenes Lorandos, J.D., Ph.D. titled 

The International Handbook of PAS: Conceptual, Clinical and Legal Considerations (2006) has now been written in its second edition with Demosthenes Lorandos, J.D.,Ph.D., William Bernet, M.D., and S. Richard Sauber, Ph.D. titled The Handbook of Parental Alienation for Mental Health and Legal Professionals.