A Guide to "Parental Alienation Syndrome" [8 May 2009]

by Dr Kirk Weir

Effects of Parental Alienation on Children's Ascertainable Wishes and Feelings

This information is extracted from the following academic article by Dr Kirk Weir:

High-Conflict Contact Disputes: Evidence of the Extreme Unreliability of Some Children's Ascertainable Wishes and Feelings

Children's Wishes and Feelings. Social, Legal and Professional Influences

Relationships Scotland Conference, Edinburgh, Sept 2011
“High Conflict Contact Disputes – understanding and managing children’s alienation from a parent”
Handout on the context of children’s resistance to contact with a separated parent


Alien Concept
The Journal of the Law Society of Scotland
by Roger MacKenzie [12 Dec 2011]

Dr Kirk Weir

Kirk Weir is a UK trained medical practitioner who has specialised in child psychiatry for more than 30 years. He was an NHS Consultant Child Psychiatrist in CAMHS in London and Suffolk.  Alongside clinical work he developed a role as an expert witness in the Family Court.  He has given evidence in hundreds of private and public law cases to Courts in most areas of England and Wales. Following his experience of giving expert evidence during the epidemic of ritual sexual abuse cases he developed a special interest in children as witnesses.  Over the last ten years he has taken a particular interest in children who are the subject of high conflict contact disputes between their separated parents.