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Caught Between ParentsPublished by Amy JL Baker Ph.D.

Alienated Grandparents

Alienation up and down the family tree [10Apr2015]

Should Targeted Parents Send Alienated Children Books 


Surviving Parental Alienation

(Part 3) The agony and the ecstasy of reconciliation [11Feb2015]

Surviving Parental Alienation

(Part 2) The parental alienation tipping point [31Oct2014]
Surviving Parental Alienation

(Part 1) If I knew then what I know now [18Jun2014]

Emotional Neglect: A Powerful Bond

Intermittently neglectful parents induce unrelenting desire in their children [18Jun2014]

Literary Memoirs as Trauma Narratives

True stories of abusive childhoods help the writer as well as the reader [11Mar2014]

Movie Star and Targeted Parent

Jason Patric holds galla red carpet event to shine light on parental alienation [19Nov2013]

Alienation at the Movies

I see alienation...  [19Nov2013]

Mindfulness as a Tool
Using Mindfulness as a Tool for Coping with Parental Alienation [28Dec2012]

Parenting a Mildly-Moderately Alienated Child

10 tips for maintaining a bond [25Sep2012]

Coaching Targeted Parents: Additional Observations

Why unconditional love may feel counter productive to a targeted parent [15Aug2012]

Coaching Targeted Parents

Initial Comments [13Jul2012]

Friend of the Court

Recent California Amicus Brief Involves Tired Old Myths About PAS [20Jun2012]

Am I Evil?

Does believing in PAS make me a bad person? [12Jun2012]

Parental Alienation in the Movies

What Nim tells us about parental alienation [18May2012]

Domestic Violence by Proxy: Getting It Right and Getting It Wrong

A comment on Silberg's (2009) attempt to explain away parental alienation [07Mar2012]

Training Family Court Judges About Parental Alienation: A Lot to Think About

What information do family court judges need about parental alienation? [24Jan2012]

The Minds of Abused and Alienated Children

abducted children form attachments to their abusers [24Jan2012]

Kidnapping Victims and the Psychological Ties that Bind

kidnapping victms and the captors they become attached to [16Dec2011]

Jaycee Dugard: The Lion and the Rabbit

Jaycee Dugard allowed herself to be comforted by her abuser [07Dec2011]

International Abduction: The Tip of the Iceberg

What the Goldman case can tell us about parental alienation [21Sep2011]

The Dulins vs. the Bakers

Can grandparents be guilty of parental alienation? [05Aug2011]

Mounting Evidence Supports Reliability and Validity of Parental Alienation

Is parental alienation theory scientific? [22Jul2011]

Parental Alienation Is Emotional Abuse of Children

Should children be allowed to choose one parent over the other [28Jun2011]

Oregon House passes bill outlawing purposely false child abuse claims

Should false claims of abuse be a crime? [13May2011]

A Word to Mothers: You can lose your children to parental alienation

A mother's day warning [07May2011]

April 25 Is Parental Alienation Awareness Day

The problem of parental manipulation [19Apr2011]

Parental Alienation: Prevention is the Key


Helping Children Resist the Pressure to Choose One Parent Over the Other

[ 08Apr2011]

Dr Amy JL Baker

Psychologist, Researcher & Author

Amy J. L. Baker, Ph.D., a psychologist in New York. She has conducted research on adult survivors of parental alienation. Dr. Baker is the director of reseach at the Vincent J. Fontana Center for Child Protection.

PAS: Child Abuse Seminar - Consequences of Parental Alienation

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