PAS: Child Abuse Seminar - Consequences of Parental Alienation

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Caught Between ParentsPublished by Amy JL Baker Ph.D.

Alienated Grandparents

Alienation up and down the family tree [10Apr2015]

Should Targeted Parents Send Alienated Children Books 


Surviving Parental Alienation

(Part 3) The agony and the ecstasy of reconciliation [11Feb2015]

Surviving Parental Alienation

(Part 2) The parental alienation tipping point [31Oct2014]
Surviving Parental Alienation

(Part 1) If I knew then what I know now [18Jun2014]

Emotional Neglect: A Powerful Bond

Intermittently neglectful parents induce unrelenting desire in their children [18Jun2014]

Literary Memoirs as Trauma Narratives

True stories of abusive childhoods help the writer as well as the reader [11Mar2014]

Movie Star and Targeted Parent

Jason Patric holds galla red carpet event to shine light on parental alienation [19Nov2013]

Alienation at the Movies

I see alienation...  [19Nov2013]

Mindfulness as a Tool
Using Mindfulness as a Tool for Coping with Parental Alienation [28Dec2012]

Parenting a Mildly-Moderately Alienated Child

10 tips for maintaining a bond [25Sep2012]

Coaching Targeted Parents: Additional Observations

Why unconditional love may feel counter productive to a targeted parent [15Aug2012]

Coaching Targeted Parents

Initial Comments [13Jul2012]

Friend of the Court

Recent California Amicus Brief Involves Tired Old Myths About PAS [20Jun2012]

Am I Evil?

Does believing in PAS make me a bad person? [12Jun2012]

Parental Alienation in the Movies

What Nim tells us about parental alienation [18May2012]

Domestic Violence by Proxy: Getting It Right and Getting It Wrong

A comment on Silberg's (2009) attempt to explain away parental alienation [07Mar2012]

Training Family Court Judges About Parental Alienation: A Lot to Think About

What information do family court judges need about parental alienation? [24Jan2012]

The Minds of Abused and Alienated Children

abducted children form attachments to their abusers [24Jan2012]

Kidnapping Victims and the Psychological Ties that Bind

kidnapping victms and the captors they become attached to [16Dec2011]

Jaycee Dugard: The Lion and the Rabbit

Jaycee Dugard allowed herself to be comforted by her abuser [07Dec2011]

International Abduction: The Tip of the Iceberg

What the Goldman case can tell us about parental alienation [21Sep2011]

The Dulins vs. the Bakers

Can grandparents be guilty of parental alienation? [05Aug2011]

Mounting Evidence Supports Reliability and Validity of Parental Alienation

Is parental alienation theory scientific? [22Jul2011]

Parental Alienation Is Emotional Abuse of Children

Should children be allowed to choose one parent over the other [28Jun2011]

Oregon House passes bill outlawing purposely false child abuse claims

Should false claims of abuse be a crime? [13May2011]

A Word to Mothers: You can lose your children to parental alienation

A mother's day warning [07May2011]

April 25 Is Parental Alienation Awareness Day

The problem of parental manipulation [19Apr2011]

Parental Alienation: Prevention is the Key


Helping Children Resist the Pressure to Choose One Parent Over the Other

[ 08Apr2011]

Dr Amy JL Baker

Psychologist, Researcher & Author

Amy J. L. Baker, Ph.D., a psychologist in New York. She has conducted research on adult survivors of parental alienation. Dr. Baker is the director of reseach at the Vincent J. Fontana Center for Child Protection.