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Dr Matthewson is a clinical psychologist and lecturer. She currently works in private practice as a senior clinical psychologist. She has extensive knowledge and expertise in teaching a variety of core and applied areas of psychology. Her specific areas of teaching interest are in psychological assessment, developmental psychology and counselling and professional practice skills, with an interest in technology enhanced learning and experiential learning.


​PhD, University of Tasmania, Australia, 2009

BA (hons), University of Tasmania, Australia, 2001

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Louis van Aardt, Managing Principal of LVA Legal, is a respected barrister and solicitor in Western Australia with over 15 years of experience in advising clients on corporate and commercial law. Louis is regularly sought after to advise on all things to do with businesses, shares and assets.
Louis has worked as a lawyer in London, New York, California and Western Australia.

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EENY MEENY MINEY MO Foundation is a not-for-profit, Health Services and Advancing Education charity working:

  • to reduce the prevalence and impact of parental alienation and related mental health disorders in the Australian community; and
  • to increase the capacity of the Australian community, including governments, service providers, business and community sectors, working together, to deal with parental alienation and related mental health disorders.


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Amanda has experienced parental alienation as a child, losing her mother Nola in 1993 as a result of parental alienation and the legal system. She has also experiencing parental alienation as an adult with her own 2 children and has reunited with her son in 2015. 

Amanda is dedicated to educating, raising awareness, providing resources about parental alienation and working in collaboration with the University of Tasmania on research of this special population. 

Based in Queensland Amanda created, and is the current manager of, the Parental Alienation Australia Facebook page & the support group, providing a place for alienated mums, dads, grandparents and family to come together & support one another.

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